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Funny art in the city

i love it


This is America, the land of opportunity

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

lol i just realized it, took me a minute or so to find.. i was looking for someone with a scream mask in the background to tell you the truth.

Compelling Word

Sometimes, after a hard day of mountain-biking, you just can’t handle walking an extra twenty feet to the restaurant from a regular parking space.

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You’re Not The Only One

this always happens to me


You're Not The Only One

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Jesus will deliver your message for $5

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Who better than Jesus to deliver your personal message?
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The Fay Day:

 Throughout my day i realized how little my teachers care about me listening to music as they teach so in most of my classes i was listening to music. After my walk in gym i got chest pains and didnt feel well, but i crashed and napped in economics class although funn enough , i didn’t miss anything. All i remeber was of Steve Pusterla asking berk is he ever did drugs and all you’d see… is berks rosy cheeks glimmer. after like 10 mins of laughter and silence i said,” everyone has been to a pharmacy before” , then he finally admitted he is a hardcore… he took advil! (damn) Afterschool did my nails and hw. In the evening i got Nicolette Melfa to come with me to the Talent show, where we were “supposed to see” Carol Fattal and Lola Beyene preform. Nico and I were lied to about the time so we missed their preformances.We all still had a blast anyway. later i rode everyone to lolas house to have a dance party altho without notification learning on later that i had to drive everyone home >.< but oh well. I found out lola gets turned on by videogame talk (for any of you guys out there) , carol remembers my bra cup size, and finally got lolas moms number ^.- what a hotty! XD-Fay

That’s Just Crazy Enough to Work

hell yea!