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Does preparing for finals stress you out? Well, we have put together some tips to help alleviate your pre-test jitters.

Improving your Study Skills

  • Get all your important notes and information and start creating your study material.
  • Organize your notes (outline, cluster, brain map, re-write in a cleaner/more organized manner).
  • Create a review guide that helps you remember all of the important information, make sure it fits with the type of exam you are taking.  If you are taking a multiple choice test it needs to have specific information about each topic.  If it’s an essay or short answer exam collect detailed information about the topic and then develop it into points.  True/false are usually brief and specific.
  • Break down the material and learn it in sections.  For example: take a section of the vocabulary and start learning the words by applying them.  When you are applying the words you…

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