Reducing Eye Puffiness Naturally

You can also use this for treating an eye infection. preferable id recommend lying the teabag while it is hot on your eye for at least 5-10 minutes. ~Fay

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* Pour boiling water over two organic chamomile tea bags. Allow the tea bags to cool in the fridge and when ready to use squeeze out the access water, lay down and place them over your eyes. Relax for 15 minutes.

* Tapping the orbital bone around the eye sharply with your middle finger, moving along the bone to circle the eye, can help drain the fluid which causes puffiness.

* Make yourself an eye rest pillow filled with seeds or rice, which you can lay on your eye area. This is wonderfully restful and the weight helps drain the fluid from under your eyes.

*stainless steel teaspoons which have been chilled in the freezer also work effectively

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such a good song ❤

New to WordPress :)!

Hey guys I am new to word press! Wanted to see if anyone could help me get involved or tell me some good blogs to follow that are about : Accounting, Business, Finance,  Education, or similar to those. 

If you can guide me to some  great blogs out there, I would highly appreciate it :)!

~The Fay Day

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Do as the sign says…


Stuff Thats Interesting

Stuff Thats Interesting

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The true meaning of the word WINNING

We all have them…… Margate Memoirs


K so don’t even ask me what year it was….. All I know is that we had tight butts,perky boobs and our bodies had the remarkable capability to function solely (and very effectively really) on first a HEAVY and then a steady then heavy and again steady supply of……. (drumroll) alcohol!!! YES YES YES

SO HOW DID WE DO IT? I promise you the best micro biologists (or whatever they call themselves) in the world is still daily working very hard to understand the physiological dynamics of a student. We hardly ate anything decent…. didn’t get ANY sleep (do I need to elaborate?), partied till the sun came up in a very much polluted and smoke congested club where there is hardly any space to move, but we danced baby!!! Oh yes we did (at least we exercised right?). All of this whilst consuming any form of liquid sure to…

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